Saturday, 10 December 2011


I got an invite to appear at the Bassetlaw Sports Award 2011, I had been nominated for a life time achievement award and was one of seven people in line for an award. But as most cyclists find on occasions like these when you are up against a more popular mainstream sport you will usually come in second best. I was very proud to be nominated and quite hopeful but in the end the award went to a guy from worksop harriers running club, for his contribution in organizing the club and the annual half marathon. I was quite philosophical about it as I sat in the pub later and realized that it may be for the best that I didn't get awards like this as someone might think that my cycling days were coming to an end,  NEVER. I still have things to do and more contributions to make to cycling. It's nice to get to the last seven but the best part was being nominated and who nominated me, my wife Lynne, she's great, I definitely walked out of there a winner.

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