Tuesday, 20 December 2011


A phrase my close friends and family never thought they would hear, but.............
...it is for the children in my local hospital and I am planning a big ride next year so getting properly fit this winter which means giving up certain things, chocolate beer, whisky and kebabs to name but a few are definately staying in my diet, but the large  mountain of 40 selection boxes we collected on The Santa Cruz would have made me sick so they had to go. Had loads of good feedback from all the guys on the ride and we are planning to do it again next year, thanks to Steve Peat, Rob Dean, Nick Towers, Tristan Tunstall and the SPS boys, Donny and all the other Santa Cruz riders for turning out on a very wintery day and Steve Hollis for providing the Beer, I am sure this will go some way towards cheering some kids up when they need it most,  Christmas time,  Cheers lads.

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