Friday, 13 May 2005


Myself and Paul Wardle did this in May 2005, I had this hair brained idea that it may be easy enough to do what was described as a four day ride in one day unsupported. We were going to do it for charity but did not in the end because another local team was doing a coast to coast at the same time over four days and I thought we might hamper their fundraising. I got my mate Chris at Edison Cycles to drop us off in the morning at Hull and booked a taxi to pick us up in Runcorn at 11:30pm that night. Why a taxi? Well up until a few days before a mate was supposed to be collecting us but he backed out with a more important task in mind, so..  taxi. We carried all we thought we would need for the day, food, drink, tubes, tyres, lights, chain, deraileur etc in our camelbaks, they were bloody heavy but we gradually lightened them by eating through them. We managed to do it in 17:30 hours just a few minutes late for our taxi, then slept like babies all the way home.