Sunday, 18 December 2011


The Idea was to get all the best Uk riders that ride Santa Cruz Bikes and
do something for Christmas, not just a get together but something worthwhile. So I got Steve Hollis from The Carpet Roll End Centre to buy some beer, I printed some nice labels and we got some prizes for a raffle. We met at Cannock Chase for the ride, brought a selection box each which was swapped for a numbered festive beer then after the ride we had a raffle where Steve Peat read out the numbers and gave the winners Whisky from Evenort, Hoodies from SPS/Royal, T'Shirts and stickers and a Crud Catcher from Whitakers and some T'Shirts and DVD's from Steve Peat. We all had a great time and the selection boxes are on their way to Bassetlaw Hospital Kids Ward. Everybody that came enjoyed themselves and were very generous, we ended up with over 30 Selection boxes, I think we will have to think about doing it again next year...................Cheers guys.

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