Thursday, 26 September 2013


I went to the Birmingham NEC to visit the Cycle Show trade day today, a very interesting day full of talking to suppliers who had a very fresh outlook on the bike trade in general. The big thing seems to be
Electric Bikes, everything seemed to have had an electric motor strapped to it which seems to be a bit of a conflict of interest until you listen to the angles, there is some good to come of it!
Electric shifting was all over the place on road bikes and created a lot of interest so it looks a lot like we are going to see it more on mountain bikes real soon.
There was a more optimistic feel to the show than there has been for a while, some of the stronger brands such as hope, shimano, exposure lights, Torq fitness seem to be thriving and very enthusiastic about the bike trade as we move through the various stages of recession, I think cycling is becoming a very cool thing to do, whether it be on an electric bike road bike or Mtb, are more people realising that you can save money while actually enjoying yourself?
The show is on Friday Saturday and Sunday, go and have a look at all the new stuff, you might like it.

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