Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Getting a ride organised with a couple of  mates is hard enough but.....
...getting the Santa Cruise off the ground is a task that could not have been done without the aid of some good people. Those people were Steve Peat, Steve Hullis, Dickon Hepworth, Santacruz Bicycles Craig Mckay Evenort, Nick Bayliss Royal Racing, Carl Long HedCamz Gary Rands (Nomad Direct, and the Stephen Murray Family Fund. Me and Steve Hollis put all the goody bags together, we didn't know how many we would need and when tweets went out we wondered how many people would venture out in the crisp early morning. I handed a job lot of Santa hats out (inspired by Rob Dean last year) and the ride got underway at around 9:00am with enthusiasm, Rob Clark wore a Full Santa suit and beard for effect and was rewarded by Peaty with a signed copy of his book ''World Champion 17 years in the making'' before the raffle at the end of the ride. The ride was fun and although I ached a bit I managed to keep it on two wheels (and back wheel) and get around the pack and ride and have a laugh with nearly everyone, Josh ''Loose Dog Lewis'' climbed a tree to take the best picture of the day, which is the one above. We had the raffle at the end and thanks to the generosity of everyone very few went away without, but best of all we got over 50 selection boxes to give to a local kids charity. Thanks to all of you that made it such a great day, bring on next year.

Here is a short video of the day 2012 Santa Cruise

Those of you who got a goody bag reached inside and put on the Stephen Murray Stay Strong wristband and wore it with pride on the day, I did and continue to. Here is a link to remind us why Stay Strong.

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