Wednesday, 22 August 2012



HEDCAMz are the most recent addition to the support we receive. There are many reasons for wanting to use a head camera, firstly Mountain Bikers usually
get them to wear on one of their favorite downhill runs to show their friends and family what they got up to. Then you get inventive with positioning, Helmet forward, side, rear facing, on the bike in various positions, but few bikers realize the cameras full potential. I have been lucky enough to get help from HEDCAMz who supply various different brands from low to high end, the more recent one that I am using is HEDCAMz own brand and is as good as anything else and better than most. it comes with various mount options, helmet, bars, bike and velcro straps for you to get inventive. Available at £149.99 plus postage and if you mention you saw it on my site they offer an additional saving, here is the link HEDCAMz There is a tendency to get bored with them once you have used them for a while but there are many other ways to keep you interested, why not do what some pro photographers do and take them off the bike to use like a normal video camera. The footage can be edited together with on bike footage, photos, music and text to make it a whole lot more interesting, see Matt Cope's video which he did with a GoPro at Mordor Trails to see how effective it can be with experience. Steve Peat uses them to good effect on his website at This Is Peaty although you don't need to go as fast or hard to create your own personal video memory. They also make quite effective cameras for holidays, fitting into a pocket easily they take video just as well as a normal video camera. It's good to use them as a training aid, if you want to know how you are riding put one on someone else's bike and get them to follow you, or if you use an exercise machine, bike or rollers you can film your favorite bits of trails to play on a tv while you're training, ideal for wet winter nights when you can't be bothered to get kitted up. There is also the safety side to Helmet cameras, the one I use is good for this as it's battery lasts for about an hour and a half and films for the same time making it perfect to record your journey to work on a bike, go to the following link Near Fatal Stupid Driver where the commuter uses a helmet camera and a rear facing camera, it was nearly a good job he did. We rode down Edale not long ago and were faced with a 4x4 who decided to play chicken, I had my helmet camera on that day which proved useful and goes to show you don't just get bad driving in city centres. Is that enough excuses or reasons to get one or can you think of any other uses? Go on treat yourself.

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