Sunday, 18 March 2012


I'm not afraid to make a fool of myself, especially in aid of charity, but this hurt....
messing about in the car park before a charity bike ride that would take all day and was 80 miles long was a thing I should have thought twice about, but in my typical gung-ho fashion off I went. Riding the length of the Great Glen in Scotland with a bruised bum was a tough call, the moral of the story is never show off in front of the camera, and if you land on the camera make sure you press erase. The ride was in aid of The Stephen Murray Stay Strong Appeal where donations can be made any time, so if you laughed consider making a donation, it would be rude not to! Luckily a couple of years later I went on to do a coast to coast wheelie for the Stay Strong Appeal and prove that I could stay in the saddle doing wheelies. My mate Roy (the worlds smallest cameraman) sent the clip in to ITV without me knowing, bless him! Hopefully we will receive another £250 for the charity. If you are wondering which one is me, It's the second clip!

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  1. Bottom sore sir ? ITV play a clip several years later after receiving it and broadcast without a form signed ? Sorry Joe, but totally random and funny seeing it on national TV Saturday night prime time. Thanks to web mail I have records and I am on the case. I have a higher resolution copy that I will freely e mail on request that I never sent to ITV for more than £250 for charity ( Sorry Joe ;) ).