Friday, 24 July 2009


Nick Towers put the Venonis team together and invited myself, Roy Tomlinson and Craig McKay to join him.
We got together at the last minute and had a few problems but battled through to come in 7th. Prior to the race Roy had been having a lot of problems with his dad being ill, unfortunately he passed away shortly before the race so we decide to have the raceware printed in honour of him, we certainly wore our hearts on our sleeves. Roy was not sure if he would be able to race as he was at his dads funeral just the day before, but decided that his dad would have wanted him to do it and just managed to get there in time to throw his kit on and do the 3rd leg, which he did very quickly. Nick was the mainstay of the team and kept on pulling fast lap after fast lap. I on the other hand was struggling, recovering from a bout of food poisoning but did some solid laps, even though one of my laps had a short break in the middle of a field, if you see what i mean. Craig also had his own set of problems but did an admirable job of keeping the team up there, even when he ripped his shorts showing everyone his sandwiches. Our mates Stuart and John Prentice did well too coming 7th in the pairs, It was also my son 7th birthday that weekend and my friend Steve Peat also came 7th in his world cup round that same weekend, strange coincidence.

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