Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I had always talked about doing a wheelie from coast to coast, my mate Chris Hazelhurst at Edison Cycles who builds my wheels, just tongue in cheek really, then
one year we did a coast to coast to coast which went from Dunbarton to Edinburgh and back to Dunbarton about 40 miles each way 8o miles in total. We did it for fun on the way to the world cup at Fort William. I broke my knee on the way back in one of those stupid group bike accidents were I was too close to the biker in front and he slammed on! Just two weeks before mountain mayhem, typical! Anyway in the pub over a pint or two we discussed the wheelie c2c and before too long Craig Mckay  www.evenort.co.uk  bet me £500 I could not do it, then Will Longden said he would give me £200 if I did it in less than so many wheelies and Steve Peat said he would give me an extra tenner if I did it in 10 wheelies. I did it for Stephen Murray Stay Strong and raised a few quid, please check out my videos to see how It went. Still collecting donations for Stephen Murray so if anyone wants to donate you can either get in touch with me or go to: www.staystrong.co.uk

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